The reasons for the intervention

The political instability, which led to the outbreak of the civil war that began in 2015 and has not ended yet, creating a dramatic situation in the country: 23.4 million people, out of a population of 30 million, need humanitarian assistance, some 14.3 million are in acute need of assistance (YHRP 2022).

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen is aggravated by a series of terrible natural catastrophes (like the invasion of locusts that destroyed crops) and by health emergencies that have brought the country to total collapse. The spread of COVID-19 has resulted in an emergency within the emergency. Many health facilities are out of order or lack basic equipment, sanitation and clean water are in short supply.

In 2019, we decided to intervene in Yemen, and officially registered in Aden in Mar 2021 under the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation of Yemen, having country office and logistic based in Aden with geographic coverage is Al Dhale’e, Lahj, Abyian, Shabwah, Al-Hodeidah, Taiz and Marib.

Helpcode’ strategy aims to consolidate and ensure the continuity and sustainability of the work we do with beneficiary communities.

Our objectives aim to ensure quality education, access to water, community awareness of women’s rights and gender equity, health care in emergency and development contexts.

Added to this is also rural development, the main source of income for the communities. With our projects, we try to cover the needs and respond to the needs of the whole community, so that each child can grow up without discrimination or inequality and can fully express their own potential.

Area contact person


Mosa Moori

Country representative

Country data

23.4 million people in need

4.3 million women

9.1 million children

2.7 million children with disability

Our projects

Helpcode in Yemen

In Yemen, our projects aim to improve the lives of girls and boys in an area affected by a serious humanitarian crisis. Regular meals, family support and access to education are our top priorities.

Guarantee a good education for all children.

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