Emergency Fund

Help us act immediately during emergencies and natural disasters to save lives and meet the basic needs of the people affected.

When is the emergency fund used?

We put the emergency fund into action during or immediately after an emergency (rebuilding work after an earthquake, for example).
The fund covers three areas: humanitarian emergencies, natural disasters and health emergencies.

Humanitarian emergencies

Conflict and climate change are forcing people to flee their homelands in search of safety. The refugee camps that host them often lack even the most basic infrastructure and services.

With your help, we can bring them food, water, shelter and the prospect of a normal life during a humanitarian crisis.

Natural disasters

Climate change is making natural disasters more frequent. Floods, drought, cyclones and extreme weather can devastate entire regions, bringing the communities affected to their knees.

With your help, we can bring immediate support to people affected by natural disasters and help them rebuild their lives.

Health emergencies

Developing countries and those in conflict have extremely fragile health services. In case of epidemics or crises, they are unable to provide the people affected with adequate care.

Help us supply medicines and health kits, train healthcare staff and rebuild damaged healthcare structures.

Help us intervene during an emergency

Together we can help people in need more quickly.

Make a regular donation

You’ll help us provide better help during an emergency

Buy a basic health kit

With 27€ you can help buy a basic health kit

Buy a tent

Help us buy a tent for displaced people


Help us rebuild a school