Environment and Climate Change

Children and their communities can only grow up healthy if the world they live in is healthy. That’s why we are committed to designing and developing projects that take into account both people, with their rights and freedoms, and the environmental resources that need to be protected. Our goal is to ensure economic, social, and environmental sustainability and actively combat climate change.


As stated by the United Nations, the current development model is unsustainable. The 2030 Agenda formalizes the commitment to end poverty and hunger, allowing all human beings to fulfill their potential in a healthy environment and protect the planet from degradation through more conscious consumption and production.

Achieving these goals requires the commitment of the global community and particular attention to the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable, who are most impacted by climate change consequences.

Helpcode contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals through multiple projects and an inclusive, participatory, and multidimensional approach, aiming to bring about tangible and significant changes in people’s lives.

In Italy and around the world, we organize training activities on sustainable development and civic education for teachers, educators, students, and all citizens. Our aim is to strengthen knowledge about the causes and effects of pollution, promote more sustainable behaviors, and mitigate our ecological footprint by actively combating climate change.

In low-income countries, we promote projects to support sustainable agriculture, such as in Mozambique, where we assist farmer associations in reducing waste through innovative techniques, proper waste disposal, and food preservation.

Lastly, we repurpose unused public assets by transforming them into energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable healthcare facilities or educational institutes.

Why do we focus on the environment and climate change?


Our work aims to promote economic, social, and environmental sustainability.


In Italy and around the world, we educate about active citizenship and organize training activities on sustainable development.


In Italy, we run campaigns to raise awareness about healthy eating and proper lifestyles.


In low-income countries, we implement projects to support sustainable agriculture, including interventions related to irrigation and cultivation techniques.


Our interventions and services are aimed at safeguarding and improving environmental conditions, as well as promoting careful and rational use of natural resources.


We repurpose unused facilities to create energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable healthcare or educational institutions.

A better world to live in

Through our projects, we educate about the rational use of natural resources, promote sustainable development, and advocate for a conscious approach to global citizenship. Only through an active and multidimensional approach can we mitigate our human impact and safeguard the environment.