The reasons for intervention

Since 24 February, fighting in Ukraine has produced a growing need for humanitarian aid throughout the country, particularly in the eastern and southern regions.
After six months of fighting, the United Nations estimated that there were almost 7 million internally displaced persons in the country, while the same number had sought refuge abroad, mainly in the bordering countries, Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Moldova.
Almost 18 million people – 40% of the country’s entire population – is in need of humanitarian aid, and large-scale destruction of civil infrastructure has interrupted access to the most critical basic services, such as water and medical care. In this context, Helpcode is attempting to respond to the tangible and intangible needs of the population, particularly the most vulnerable parts thereof.

Area contact person


Iryna Gorodetska

Country representative

Figures on the conflict

7,4 million refugees

6,9 million internally displaced

17,7 million people in need of humanitarian assistance

Sources: UNHCR, UN Refugee Agency, IOM International Organization for Migration

Our projects

Helpcode in Ukraine

In Ukraine and the bordering countries, we are working in the areas of protection, mental health and material aid, supplying assistance to refugees and to the communities most affected by the conflict.