We are an organisation operating in Italy and around the world to ensure that every boy and girl has the protection of a family, a quality school, and a community where they can grow up and express their potential.Children can change the world. Change can start with them and benefit the families and communities they live in, but only if their rights are protected and recognised by adults.

This is why we strive to safeguard their rights, so that they can become adults and achieve their dreams.

We are the smile on the face of girls and boys like Versia, Francesco, Amina, Laxman and many more who have received our support; we have improved the lives of around 700,000 children in our thirty-year history.


Helpcode is a network of organisations with offices and projects in Italy, Switzerland, Libya, Tunisia, Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Cambodia and Nepal.

Our team consists of 89 employees and collaborators, of whom 72 are based overseas. In these overseas offices, 92% of our workforce is made up of local staff.

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Our team

Alessandro Grassini
Secretary General
Daniela Bussalino
Administrative Office
Valeria Fabbroni
Valeria Fabbroni
Projects Office
Direcotr of Programs  
Barbara Bazzardi
Administrative Office
Projects Administration
Elisa Palazzo
Administrative Office
Management control and monitoring
Ada Civitani
Projects Office
Project Manager Italy e Europe
Martina Venzo
Projects Office
Asia, North Africa and DRCongo Program Manager
Pietro Ferlito
Sofala Office Coordinator, Mozambique
Paolo Gomiero
Country Representative
Mozambique, Maputo and Vilankulo Offices
Micol Brambilla
Micol Brambilla
Projects Office
Coordinator of ADAPT Project in Mozambique
Matteo Raineri
Projects Office
Coordinator of PROFILI project in Mozambique
Stefania Pirani
Country Representative
Cambodia, Phnom Penh Office
Stefano Sangalli
Country Representative
Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bukavu Office
Rym Gadhgadhi
Senior North Africa Coordinator
Tunisia e Libya, Tunisi Office
Bharat Patak
Project manager
Nepal, Kathmandu Office
Gelsomina Vitiello
Individual Donors Office
Individual donors management
Serena Fassone
Individual Donors Office
Front Office
Cinzia Vedovello
Individual Donors Office
Back Office
Francesco Asti
Communication Office
Copywriter and Content Editor
Michele Giusto
Communication Office
Digital Marketing Manager
Veronica Macciò
Communication Office
Web Marketing e Social Media
Fosca Scotto di Perta
Communication Office
Events, Volunteer and Testimonial

Board of Directors

Helpcode's activities are decided by shareholder meetings and by the Board of Directors, which delegates the management of all the organisation's operational activities to the Secretary General.
The Board of Auditors, currently composed of Sergio Chiodi, Giovanni Battista Parodi and Massimiliano Iazzetti, verifies the organisation's accounting and financial management processes to ensure full compliance with all laws and bylaws.
The Board of Directors is made up of 7 members who are all unpaid. The board members do not have operational roles; their task is to guide, verify and monitor the work of the Secretary General.


Here at Helpcode, we believe that transparency is a fundamental and indispensable element for organisations working in the fields of development cooperation and humanitarian emergency response. For this reason, we publish a Social Responsibility Report every year. This document provides a detailed explanation of how we have used the funds that we have received from public and private backers. The organisation's accounts are checked by independent auditors to verify project costs in the countries where we operate.

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