The Helpcode team

All united for one goal: the happiness of all girls and boys of the world.

Matteo Cavalleroni

General secretary

Martina Venzo

Compliance manager

Christian Ranieri


Barbara Bazzardi

Ufficio amministrazione, amministrazione progetti

Elisa Palazzo

Management control and monitoring


Alessandro Guarino

Director of programs

Alessandro Bartoletti

Alessandro Bartoletti

Project coordinator Italy


Elena Varoli

Educational activities manager

Valeria Fabbroni

Valeria Fabbroni

Security officer for projects

Roberta Pellizzoli

Mozambique and DRCongo Program Manager

Paolo Gomiero

Paolo Gomiero

Country representative – Mozambique

Matteo Raineri

Matteo Raineri

Project coordinator – Mozambique


Elisa Verde

Country representative – DRCongo


Rossella Semino

Project coordinator Lybia and Tunisia

Marika Macco

Country representative – Libya and Tunisia

Elisa Romagnoli

Project leader – AICS emergency project, Libya

Vanessa Parada

Public health officer, Libya


Mousa Moori

Programme development officer, Yemen

Bharat Patak

Bharat Patak

Country representative – Nepal

Mary McCabe

Mary McCabe

Country representative – Cambodia

Gelsomina Vitiello

Individual donors management

Serena Fassone

Donors front office

Cinzia Vedovello

Donors back office

Michele Giusto

Digital marketing manager

Francesco Asti

Copywriter and content strategist

Fosca Scotto di Perta

Events, Volunteer and Testimonial

Silvia Bozzini

Events, Volunteer and Testimonial

Divina Tamayo

Project audit unit

Marvin Dumogdog

Project audit unit

Philip Lawlet

Project audit unit

We can’t all fit on this page. On 31 December 2020, the Helpcode team had 186 members, with 28 working at our Italian office and 158 overseas.