About the project

Today, being a citizen means having important skills rooted in an awareness of the global world, understanding the mechanisms that control how it functions, and grasping the myriad nuances of the reality we live in.

To this end, Helpcode offers a number of courses targeted at schools and the world of education in general. These address a series of key themes that promote peace and sustainable development, with children and teenagers at the heart of it all.

All our courses follow a workshop format: the perfect setting to experiment with innovative ways of discovering, learning and understanding the world and ourselves through exploration, interaction and games. Our courses are simple but are the result of significant educational research, based on our experience of working with children, teachers and educators in Italy and abroad.

We believe in diversity and the equality of all human beings, and we therefore offer an inclusive educational pathway to counteract all forms of discrimination.

Our educational approach aims to overcome stereotypes and create a culture of equal opportunities between boys & girls and men & women all around the world.

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Where we work

Lombardy, Liguria


Educational communities as a whole, with a particular focus on teachers, educators, children, teenagers, young people, their parents and family members.

Italian Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research
Private donors

General objective
To combat educational poverty, by which we mean a lack of opportunities to learn about the global world and how to be an active citizen of it.

Specific objective
To help children and young people to develop important skills that allow them to be responsible citizens in a global world. To understand the mechanisms governing social relationships in view of the different nuances of the reality we live in.

Expected results

The development of a culture of responsible citizenship that is better equipped to face the challenges of a global world.

Project Partners
IRCCS Gaslini Children’s Clinic
UniversitĂ  degli Studi di Genova
Progetto San Francesco
Cooperativa Sociale Il Ce.Sto