Our work


1. What does Helpcode do? [expand title=””] 

We work to protect children’s rights in Italy and around the world. Through our projects and interventions, we strive to help children become adults and achieve their dreams.

We believe that children can be the drivers of change in every community. For this reason, we intervene to ensure that every child has the protection of a family, a quality school, and a community where they can grow up and express their potential.

Find out more about what we do, here.


2. Where does Helpcode operate? [expand title=””] 

All our projects aim to safeguard girls and boys and ensure that their rights are respected. We currently have active projects in Cambodia, Italy, Libya, Mozambique, Nepal and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Find out what we do in these countries, here.


3. How do you choose where to operate? [expand title=””] 

Our activities and interventions are defined by the Helpcode three-year strategy, approved by the Board of Directors. This strategy defines the key areas that will guide our interventions over the coming years, prioritising the most vulnerable countries and those facing the most critical humanitarian emergencies. The approach we follow for our interventions is based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child, approved by the United Nations General Assembly in 1989 and ratified by Italy in 1991, and is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals signed by world leaders in 2015.

The choice of where to intervene and which people to support is made thanks to timely coordination with our project managers, local authorities and civil society in order to better understand the needs of local populations and what the most effective response may be.


4. Does Helpcode directly manage its own projects? [expand title=””] 

All our projects are carried out in collaboration with local institutions, especially Ministries of Education and Departments of Youth Affairs, and they are planned in conjunction with the target communities. Involving the beneficiaries in this way encourages them to activate the resources needed for their own development, thus ensuring that our interventions are effective and sustainable.

The staff working in our offices are mainly locals, often supported by an international operator. We carefully monitor the progress of our initiatives to ensure that they are effective and successful.


5. What impact does Helpcode’s work have? [expand title=””] 

For 30 years, we have been working to protect the right of boys and girls to be children. During this period, we have brought smiles to the faces of countless boys and girls like Versia, Francesco, Amina, Laxman and many more like them who have received our support. Overall, we have improved the lives of around 700,000 children in our thirty-year history.

Find out more about the impact of our work in last year’s social responsibility report, here.





1. How can I support Helpcode’s activities? [expand title=””] 

There are lots of ways to support our work:


2. I want to donate – how does it work? Which methods are available? [expand title=””] 

We are delighted that you have chosen to support the rights of boys and girls by making a donation to us.

Donating couldn’t be simpler. You can do it in the following ways:

  • Direct debit
  • Bank transfer – The name of our bank is “Banca Etica”, and your payment should be addressed to “Help Code Italia” – IBAN: IT 98 L 05018 01400 000015125008
  • Credit card –
  • Payment to Post Office account 95017350109, addressed to “Helpcode Italia”
  • PayPal

For more information on our donation and payment methods, contact our donation office on +39 010 5704843 or email donazioni@helpcode.org.


3. What percentage of my donation is spent on direct aid? [expand title=””] 

Around three quarters of your donation (72 cents out of every euro donated) is invested in projects promoting children’s rights.

Find out more about how we use the funds we raise in last year’s social responsibility report, here.


4. I don’t have money to donate at the moment – can I still help? [expand title=””] 

Of course! We’re always on the lookout for new volunteers.

For more information, contact us on +39 010 5704843 or email fosca.scotto@helpcode.org.


5. What are the tax benefits of making a donation? [expand title=””] 

Did you know that all your donations, including child sponsorship, can be deducted from either your income or tax when submitting your tax return?

Keep your receipts – such as your bank transfer receipt, or your current account, postal account or credit card statements – as evidence of your donation.

In March each year, we will send you a list of your donations for the previous year, which will help you claim your tax benefits.

For information and inquiries about tax benefits, please contact: donatori@helpcode.org.